24th Congress of the International Academy of Legal Medicine in Fukuoka / President: Noriaki IKEDA, Prof., Dr. med., PhD __ The 102nd Congress of the Japanese Society of Legal Medicine / President: Shin-ichi KUBO, Prof., Dr. med., PhD / Date: June 5-8, 2018 / Venue: Fukuoka International Congress Center, Fukuoka, JAPAN

VISA Information

We stopped accepting applications.

VISA Documents Application’s Deadline is May 10th 2018

VISA documents application

For those who need visa to enter Japan, in order to obtain a visa, you need to take the following actions. Please read it carefully, and contact us if you have any question.

1. Check your VISA requirements status

In case it's uncertain whether the visa is necessary, please visit below web-site.

Please check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan for information on visa application procedures and find necessary documents.

2. Register for Participation and Pay the registration fee.

We will support visa documents preparation only for those who finished registration.

3. Book a Flight and a Hotel

Please book a flight and a hotel in advance. This information is required for visa documents.

4. Fill-in the Visa Application Form and apply

Please fill-in the application form completely and e-mail it back to VISA Support Office for the IALM2018.

Based on the information given on the form, we will make some required documents for your visa application and send them to you by express courier.

Please note that we issue visa documents only for attending the IALM2018 with extension stay of maximum 7 days for academic reason. For any extension stay, applicants need to clarify in details according to the secretariat request.

5. Hand in the Received Visa Documents to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate

When you receive the courier, please take it to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate with other necessary application documents. If you have any problems, please contact the secretariat immediately.
Please be careful on the validity of visa (3 months) and apply for visa at suitable timing.

Send Application to

VISA Support Office for the IALM2018
JTB Communication Design, Inc. Meeting & Convention Business Unit
Tel: +81-92-751-3244 / Fax: +81-92-751-3250
E-mail: visa-ialm2018@jtbcom.co.jp
Office Hour: 10:00-17:00 JST (weekdays only)
Congress Secretariat
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Meeting & Convention Business Unit
4F Shin KBC Building 1-1-35,
Nagahama, Chuo-ku,
Fukuoka 810-0072 Japan
Tel: +81-92-751-3244
Fax: +81-92-751-3250
E-mail: ialm2018@kys.jtb.jp
Office Hours: 10:00-17:30
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